Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Webinar on Monetizing Mobile Apps with Analytics

For those who want a little more detail on the specific coding steps as well as an update on the latest application of analytics to mobile app development, we've scheduled a webinar. Here's the info..... (the first timeslot of 100 filled up in a few hours - so this is a later date. We'll keep scheduling these as long as interest is there) Cheers.

Title: Monetize Mobile Apps with Analytics (August 4th at 11:30 EDT)

Description: In this 60 minute webinar, we will take a live WP7 app and use real-world analytics to illustrate:
  1. The impact of try/buy scenarios on paid apps
  2. The relationship between free and paid versions of an app
  3. Strategies for ad-driven app design that consider page location, first time, occasional, and power user patterns, cultural trends, and other demographics including carrier and model profiling.

Preparation: NONE required. However, attendees are likely to get more from the presentation if they have already:
• Installed and are familiar with the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 development tools
• Installed and have some familiarity with PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence
• Installed and navigated around the free SKU of the sample application that will be referenced in the presentation. The free app is Yoga-pedia.

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