Monday, September 26, 2011

WP7 apps with Runtime Intelligence have higher ratings and engagement rates

In my last post, I lamented that only %2.5 of the apps in the marketplace were actively using Runtime Intelligence (RI). This begged an obvious question; were these developers leaders or laggards? Were RI-enabled apps more successful and effective and, by extension, worth emulating?

The short answer appears to be yes – to be clear, I am NOT saying that merely turning Runtime Intelligence on increases an app’s success. What I think the following data does show is that the developers who chose to include Runtime Intelligence as a component of their development process are indeed more successful than those that did not.

I took a second look at the 26,469 apps that we downloaded from the marketplace and compared those apps that were instrumented with Runtime Intelligence with those that were not.

Specifically, apps with Runtime Intelligence (analytics) are:

Ranked 25% higher: RI-enabled apps averaged roughly 4 stars (8.02 out of 10). Non-RI apps came in at 3 ½ stars (7.6 out of 10). NB: apps with no ratings whatsoever were excluded from this calculation.

Have a 50% higher rate of engagement: 73% of the apps using RI had at least one rating while only 48% of non-RI apps had any rating whatsoever.

As I've already said, simply turning on RI will not get you a 1/2 star bump in your ratings - but clearly, the kinds of developers who are achieving higher user satisfaction are the kinds of developers who are choosing to use RI.

Coming next: Users of RI and Dotfuscator for WP7 make themselves heard!

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