Monday, October 2, 2017

GDPR, DTSA, ETC: App Dev and the law originally posted on LinkedIn on September 20, 2017

We’ve scheduled the next installment of our app risk webinar series: App Dev and the law: GDPR, DTSA, ETC

New laws mean new organizational obligations (and penalties).

This installment draws a straight line between your dev and DevOps practices and the new privacy, computing, and security obligations you’re facing (whether you know it or not).
We’ll drill into two specific pieces of legislation (GDPR and DTSA) and one industry’s recent cyber risk recommendations (The key principles of vehicle cyber security for connected and automated vehicles).

Why invest your valuable time?

After the webinar, you’ll leave with
  • Practical guidance for GDPR and DTSA for your dev efforts we well as
  • A framework that can be applied to most any existing (and future) regulations.

3 reasons why this content is timely

1.      Legislatures and regulators are finally responding to the existential threat posed by the increasing sophistication and pace of attacks and attack strategies.
2.      Their "response" includes laws like DTSA and GDPR that share important traits likely to impact development practices and planning.
  • Increased penalties: Increased penalties translate into significantly increased RISK of non-compliance (that's distinct from increased likelihood of non-compliance). Penalties increase the resulting damage of non-compliance.
  • Expanded obligations: Expanded obligations mean more ways to fail (to be non-compliant) – this does increase the likelihood of non-compliance, and
  • New standards of compliance with those obligations: New standards of compliance, e.g. maintaining “state of the art” versus “reasonable” competencies, dramatically increases the level of effort and expertise required to be compliant. Punitive fines, market valuation loss, and civil penalties all multiply when organizations can’t demonstrate that they have made the proper investments in their compliance programs.

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