Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It nice to be head of the curve (i suppose)

I just noticed the following article in PC Magazine on candidates and spam…. entitled Palin Wins 'Spam Debate,' As Does Obama published on 10.03.08. In this article, they marvel at the fact that Palin got 5 to 6 times the spam as Biden.

Well, for those that read my previous posting on SEPTEMBER 13 - they would have learned the same thing (and a bit more about the likely origins of some of that spam.)

Here is another article - Be Especially Alert For Bank Phishing Attacks also in PC MAG that talks about increased phishing attacks on banks - now this information i do not publish as openly, but i will repost my comment on this article... I wrote

"We can track email traffic on a variety of financial institutions - we have seen 5 specific attacks on the banks listed here in the past 3 days - these generated many 100's of thousands of emails being sent from over 100 diferent IP addresses based in over 35 countries - again, all of this traffic stemmed from only 5 coordinated attacks."

Its nice to be ahead of the curve I suppose... but only if someone is listening.