Friday, September 5, 2008

The soul of a new application

Are some applications inherently good or evil - can that really be in their DNA?

Can exposure to toxins during an application's gestation cause defects? Are QA teams like pediatricians?

What about an application's environment? Can a good application go bad?

If so, can applications be rehabilitated or must they simply be quarantined or euthanized?

Can the company an application keeps be a good (or bad) influence on its behavior? Its 10PM - do you know where your application is?

What about diet? Do you know the appetite (for data) required to keep your application at its prime? What happens if your application eats too much – can an application get fat on content? Does it have a coronary or just get slow and lazy? Do your applications have built in restraint or are they fundamentally gluttonous?

What about corrective surgery? Are you against adding limbs post-partum (instrumentation)? Perhaps if it is for health reasons and not just for aesthetics? Are UI facelifts superficial – or do we treat pretty applications nicer than the ugly ones? If so, what’s wrong with a little nip and tuck as an application gets along in years? Would we tolerate the eccentricities of the iPhone if it looked like a motorola razor?

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