Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update to last post... I hate to say i told you so...

Right from the NY Times headlines - Cyberattacks Jam Government and Commercial Web Sites in U.S. and South Korea. The article in part reads "SEOUL, South Korea — A wave of cyberattacks aimed at 27 American and South Korean government agencies and commercial Web sites temporarily jammed more than a third of them over the past five days, and several sites in South Korea came under renewed attack on Thursday."

I have seen the list - it's more than 27 sites and it is more of a probe than a serious attack. The attackers are learning from our response and refining their strategy. The fact that these attacks are being characterized as primitive should not make us feel any more secure - sorry - i promise not to turn this blog into a paranoid rant... (unless it's already too late;) - the next few postings will be cheery and sunny (even if it kills me).

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