Monday, April 16, 2012

AT&T What a difference a year makes

About a year ago, my wife had gone into a local AT&T store to ask about getting a Windows Phone. The sales person wouldn't recommend one assuring my wife that there was no interest at all. The rep did confirm that Windows Phones did run Android (yes, that's what she was told).

About three months later, I visited the same AT&T store (in Legacy Village, Ohio) with my wife to activate a Windows Phone and took the time to chat up the same associate. This time she knew that the phone ran under a different operating system - she still assured me that there was little if any interest in the phone. She was happy to activate a new account for my wife using our phone and we were on our way.

My wife's phone had a flaky battery and when I revisited the same store (and saw the same associate), she remembered me (because i had shown her my app) and swapped out my battery. Great service - thanks!

This weekend, I went in to upgrade my wife to the Lumia 900 (Cyan of course). I was helped by the same associate (I swear - it's the upside to living in NE Ohio i guess), and I asked her how sales were going. She said that the phone was hugely popular - that they had gotten a shipment of phones on Friday and they were already gone. ...but for me, this was the kicker, she said, without prompting, that she wished she could swap out her iPhone for the 900 - she loved the phone!

Now, I always joke that I don't drink the cool-aid because I am the cool-aid - but here is a young woman who went from ignorance, to disdain, to tolerance and has just landed on envy. This thing might actually take-off!

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