Sunday, January 20, 2013

TheMobileYogi users speak!

Here are 25 app reviews of the various mobile apps we've produced at TheMobileYogi across iOS, Android and Windows phone – across studio, paid and free versions and across the Eastern and Western hemispheres. We are so grateful for our users’ support and feedback. – TMY

Fantastic yoga fun

Excellent app for on the go yogis. It's simple and fast, no nonsense approach fits my style. Here's the pose, here's some pointers, now do it. I can make it as hard as I like.

It would be nice to see it optimized for the pad, and maybe get more rotation friendly, too. Keep up the good work!

· by Wild Beth United States

Enjoyed the free version...

So I figured it's time to buy! The poses are really clear and I like the sequences. Always room for improvement so I'm looking forward to the upgrades. Thanks.

by Wild Beth United States

Thanks for upgrading and the kind words “Wild Beth” – TMY


finaly a good app ye s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s as s s

by Lourdes Rousseau United States

Awesome Yoga App
I really enjoy "Find a Pose" and "Pose of the Day"! It's so easy to get to Chagrin Yoga's class schedule.
· by dpoes United States

Great app
Awesome for finding a yoga class that fits into your schedule. Great studio and teachers as well.
· by Kelly Lynn United States

We agree - a terrific studio with fantastic teachers! - TMY

  Awesome app!
Love the "pose of the day" along with the detailed description of the proper alignment/techniques! Thanks for this very useful app!
by mcp888 United States

   Chagrin Yoga
Superb app!! Everything I need is here. 5 for sure!!
by Yogageek United States

   Daily dose of Dawn
Sweet motivation for maintaining a daily practice.
by Madrid36 United States

  Chagrin Yoga fan!!
The IPhone app is superb! I love "Is there a pose for that?" and the instructions for "pose of the day"! I also love how the class schedule is available! Fantastic!!:)
· by MoniBoop23 United States

  your portable yoga class
this is way better than 2 yoga apps i paid for...    the price of "free" apps is often pretty high as many intrude your privacy or flood you with adds. not this one. a free cell phone app can probably not substitut a real class if you have no idea of yoga. yoga is a philosophy...people who are looking for a pilates workout kit might consider a different application (; I like it and i think the explanations are easy to follow. Clean simple app that does what it says better than some of the paid yoga apps.
· by wolke.s United States

Thank you for noticing the work we put into our content - TMY


I pray a lot about what i should do to keep my body in has work the best for me and now I can take it with me .
by Linda Barnett United States

  Perfect travel companion
A Pose for That is a great tool when traveling or on the run. It even comes in handy on the subway. Definitely an excellent way to learn more about yoga.
by Nina Adriana United States

This is by far the best yoga app. Whether you are new to yoga or an instructor, you are sure to gain much from it. I am thrilled to have found it!
· by mads1063 United States

 A pose for that
Amazing and surprisingly addicting
· by Obfusc8 United States

 Great for yoga lovers
It's app is great for people who are new to yoga or long time practitioners that wish to refine their skills. This app provides clear pictures, descriptions, and instructions of yoga poses ranging from beginner to advanced. I would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in yoga.
· by Oursisthefury United States

  It's cool application
Kindly and polite instruction, I could begin in comfort. Thx
· by Chappi-n Japan

Arigato Gozaimasu – TMY

  Simply amazing!!
It is the application every yogi should have handy all the time, everywhere.
· by Free Flow Yoga United States

 Yoga in my Pocket
What a wonderful resource! Love both the written and audio directions for pose of the day!
· by hannahbeth00 United States

 Terrific reference app with daily audio lesson streamed to phone
This app offers a long list of poses with supporting images, instruction and an audio lesson streamed daily to the phone - a terrific free resource!
· by Davey128 United States

  Life changing!
This just became apart of my daily routine. I'm finding peace in my iPhone.
· by Nina United States

easy to use and follow along... videos really help
love the english and sanskrit options as well
intuitive interface, easily access anywhere
· by Michael L. United States

this is so relaxing especially for moms who just want to heel away from their kids for a little bit
· by dhdhrie United States

  Fun but challenging
if your just starting yoga and you arn't that strong I recommend not doing anything past some intermediate. But this is calming. the only con would be it doesn't tell you when 2 stop. but other wise its a really good app
· by bubblyrawr lovr United States

  It's like a smartphone encyclopedia
This app offers dozens and dozens of poses including photos, instruction, recommended flows and even some sample videos. Great reference app - i use it all the time.
· by "Agog for Yoga" United States

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